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How to Overcome Emotional and Reduce Anger

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When emotions and anger mounted then all the bad qualities in us will be difficult to control and shame will disappear too often replaced with all the bad qualities in order to vent his anger on objects, animals, people, etc. around.

Many people say if keep emotions continuously in the long run can be broken at any time and can do things that are more severe than those who emosian routine. Therefore, if there should be anger or emotion should be removed or channeled on the things that do not violate the law and does not harm another human being.

Below are some ways reduce the emotion contained in yourself :

  1. Calm Heart in a comfortable place
    If you're angry your attention on something that you like and forget everything that happened. A quiet place and beautiful such as parks, beaches, gardens, lounge, etc. may be a suitable place for you. If emotions rather peaked mingkin recreation for much-needed refresher myself.

  2. Busyness seek Likes
    To forget the incident or something that makes our emotions we need something culminated transferring anger by doing something fun and can make us forget the problems encountered. Examples such as listening to music, playing play station, play guitar or other musical instruments, reading books, chating, chayangan with chayang-idol lover's heart, writing articles, movie box office, and so forth. Avoid stupid as smoking, make drugs, and so forth.

  3. Others confide in a trusted
    Told them everything that happened to us may be a little more help to reduce the existing burden on the liver. Do not confide in people who do not we trust to keep our personal vent spread to others who do not want. Talk to friends, boyfriend / girlfriend, wife, parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles aunts, and so forth.

  4. Rational Thinking Before Acting
    Before the angry other people you try to think first whether the issue you are angry at a decent level of anger. Sometimes there are people who viewed the same as other people so angry and harshly reprimanded immediately take noise / fights. Not trivial and exaggerated big problem not underrated.

  5. Control Emotions And Anger Do not Want to slavery
    People are easily upset and just make people uncomfortable around him is certainly not very good. Social life would be a bad person. Say in is not easy to anger. Chill out and cool on something that is not important. The purpose of your life is the most important. Think of uncontrolled anger is your enemy and if necessary get someone else to handle it.

If angry because of something that we do so not our fault if properly explain, but if because of our mistakes and apologize just a good finish with full peace of mind and patience in overcoming all the rage. Opponent fire with water, not against fire with fire. Good luck taming your anger emotions.

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