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New Released Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta

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Yahoo! re-released the latest version of its Messenger.

Although still in Beta, but entered the version 11, the service is quite popular instant messaging is also trying to offer a very nice feature for its users. A special, YM 11 Beta is now equipped with chat feature for users of Twitter and Facebook.

Special to chat feature social media, YM 11 Beta it has the support of Windows Aero. In addition, there are still some other features worth a try, such as social games from Zynga. Other games like Fishville, Balloon, Pool, Draw My Thing from OMGPOP and Happy Harvest also buried here.

"Yahoo! Messenger latest Beta can be downloaded. This new version provides an easy and fun things in sharing, playing games, users also will still be updated through Twitter and Facebook, "wrote Yahoo! through its official page.

Interested in trying out YM 11 Beta? Update its own can be done directly through Yahoo! Update and Facebook or Twitter at the same time. The good news, the latest release friendly Messenger also be used for mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If you wanna to try, Please Check this out!
File Size : 16.22 MB

Because it is still in beta, do not be surprised if the user eventually going to find a bug during the operation. However, Yahoo promised to immediately merils stable version.

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